Seminars and Workshops

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Women’s Empowerment Workshops

Leaving Sugar and Spice behind: Learning to Speak your Mind

– what has been expected from women throughout history

– how we are still affected by these concepts in 2018

– your personal history and how it has affected your role as a woman

– determining your position as a woman and empowered communication tools

Assertive Communication

– Women and Communication

– What is Assertive Communication?

– A personal look at how each participant faces different situations and why

– Assertive Communication Practice

– How our perspective of who  we are as women influences our communication style

Self-Acceptance: Exploring your Identity and Finding Your Voice

– the concepts that we have about our identities as women

–  your personal history through individual and group activities

– your own genuine identity and what voice that woman would have

– self-acceptance, self-compassion and getting rid of the “shoulds”

Anger: The Forbidden Emotion

– What anger is

– Anger management styles

– Anger in our personal history and learning from other people’s experiences

– Tools and skills to accept, embrace and express anger oriented towards self care.

Who We Are: Leaving the Lies Behind

 – How family myths shape us

– The effects that these family myths have had on your life

– How the Inner Critic appears in our development

– How to differentiate what you have been told and what you actually want

– The steps to quiet the Inner Critic and find your happiness


– Fear as an emotion

– Fear as an underlying theme in our lives

– Why it is the opposite of love

– What our deepest individual fears are

– How to deal with the fear that holds us back


– Definitions of happiness

– Concepts related to happiness

– How happiness aligns with purpose

– Strategies for identifying and creating YOUR happiness

Life Purpose

– Definition of Life Purpose

– How it relates to Happiness

– How it can be incorporated in everyday life


– Why perfection is an illusion

– Why we strive for perfection

– How this is related to feeling unloved or unworthy

– How to let go and be in the moment

Self Image: How to see who we are

– How we became who we are : society and family

– Our main difficulties with self-image

– Perspective on who we really are

– How to develop a healthier self-image

– How to promote a healthier self-image in others


– Where shame comes from

– Why we allow ourselves to feel it

– How we can replace it with self- love

 Trusting Life  

– The concepts of happiness and lifepurpose

– How they come together in our decision making, lifechoices and paths

– What it means to trustlife and the Universe, to be in the moment and enjoy our days

– Tools for a new perspective

Managing Negative Emotions

– What we perceive as “negative” emotions and why

– How this affects how we feel and express ourselves

– How we manage emotions depending on the stories we tell ourselves

– The abilities we need to identify emotions, develop the expression of each one and handle other people’s reactions

Our Power: Resilience,  Vulnerability, Courage and Inner Truth

An International Woman’s Day Event

And during Quarantine…

Mental Health Seminars

Narcissism 101

Narcissism : The Facts

Narcissistic Family Dynamics

Adult Children of Alcoholics

Narcissistic Mothers

Psychopaths 101

Emotional Abuse The Silent Killer