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I’m Carla Ducci. I’m a bilingual Clinical Psychologist based in Chile. I work with individuals and couples in Native English.

When you decide to begin a therapeutic process, it is important to find a space that allows trust, understanding, and empathy. This includes a therapist who has experience with your challenges in your own language and culture. For over 21 years I have worked with adults and couples counseling on matters such as bicultural identity, adaptation to Chile, adult children of parents with Personality Disorders and mental illness, Trauma, C-PTSD, depression and anxiety, among others. I am bilingual and speak Native English.


“Carla is a gifted therapist, but more importantly, a genuinely caring and compassionate human. While she doesn’t shy away from confronting difficult truths, she does so in a way that empowers her clients and gives them tools to work through the difficulties and challenges they are facing. I would recommend Cara’s services to anyone who feels stuck, out of options, or unable to progress through a difficult time on their own. She brings a genuine interest in her clients, kindness, and grace to every interaction while ensuring that her clients feel heard and leave her office with new realizations and strategies for approaching their lives and the world. Absolutely recommended.”

About Me

I am a bilingual Clinical Psychologist based in Chile. I practice Psychotherapy with adult individuals and couples in Native English.

While studying Psychology, I was able to understand and validate my own story. I wrote a new ending, a narrative that empowered me and did not leave me a victim of my circumstances.  

Throughout my career, I have helped people examine their own stories in many different contexts. As a Consultant on Family Issues for the Chilean Government, I redesigned programs that helped families experience their situations in a different way. Through my work with the Psychiatry Department at Duke University Medical Center, our team helped patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease enhance their strengths, changing the way that they could deal with their difficulties, seeing themselves in a different light. As a School Psychologist, I helped the Visually Impaired and their families find a narrative that gave them purpose and tools to deal with their circumstances.

For over 21 years, I have been helping people re-write a story that brings them more peace.

We cannot change the past., however we do get to choose what we tell ourselves about it and how we view it. We have the opportunity to heal.

By working on our experiences and who we are, we can rewrite our stories and work towards peace, opening the door for happiness.

Therapy gives us the opportunity to do this.

I would love to meet you. I can be reached at psicologacarladucci@gmail.com.


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